“Je Suis Charlie” We Humbly Support The Free Speech Defenders Of Charlie Hebdo


Radical Islam And The War On Free Speech

We are only a small blog in Medellin, Colombia but we want to show our support for the defenders of free speech everywhere in the world.  With heavy hearts we salute those brave people in France who gave their lives for the idea of free speech.

Literally hundreds of thousands of people went to the streets in France’s capital city Sunday to express solidarity against terrorism and pay homage to victims of last week’s deadly attacks. More than 40 world leaders joined in the march of support for those voices that have been silenced forever by senseless violence.

We are a travel blog and seldom publish anything even remotely controversial, but that may change in the future.  I love this city and writing about all the great things to do here in Medellin, but we all know everything is not perfect.

I have had the good fortune to travel to many parts of the world and experience different cultures and Religions, including Islam.  Generally I have been treated well but in parts of the middle east, I could feel the hatred for not just Americans, or Christians, but for anyone who dares to disagree with their believes.  Radical Islam is a cancer on the world and it most be exposed.

“Je Suis Charlie”, thank you for your sacrifice and for allowing us to remember. the high price that is paid for freedom!

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