Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Gives A Like To Bogota For First International Q & A



Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire CEO of the world’s most popular social network, Facebook, will be answering questions in a town meeting with users in Bogota, Colombia, on January, 14 2014.  This will be Facebook’s first Q&A outside the U. S., having held two so far at home.

Zuckerberg could find himself with a completely different set of questions as Latin American countries face issues far different from those in the United States.  Socioeconomic inequality, lack of access to internet, and many other important problems will be on the agenda if the pre meeting questions are any indication.  More than a thousand have been submitted leading up to the event.

medellinvida.comColombians Are Known For Their Hospitality

He should receive a warm Colombian welcome, as Facebook is used by a large number of the Colombian population on a daily basis.  Thousands of internet cafe’s in Colombia are filled with teenagers and adults alike sharing their thought, photos and messages on the popular site.  Colombians will also welcome yet another opportunity to change the old perceptions of their country and show why it is the class of South America.

Zuckerberg will take questions from a live audience as well as questions submitted online. Anyone can freely submit questions, though the event is geared toward people in Colombia and Latin America. Questions will be asked in both Spanish and English and have been submitted in advance.  The event will also be broadcast online.

Could Face Tough Questions

We will see if the CEO will face tough questions about privacy issues and Facebook’s secret social experiments on it’s users.  Obviously with this format, Zuckerberg will be in control as usual.  Too much control and not responding to user’s request is at the top of the list of those things people like least about Facebook.


Internet For the World

Hopefully Zuckerberg will address Facebook’s efforts to make the internet more accessible to remote, and impoverished areas of the world.

Love it or hate it, Facebook has become a part of most of our lives and an important way to communicate with family and friends.


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