El Deck Bar

El Deck is a modern bar, one of the best in Medellin Nightlife. Located in Parque Lleras, El Deck is a nice place where you can eat, enjoy a cocktail, chatting and dancing if you feel in the mood.

El Deck, Medellin Nightlife

El Deck, Medellin Nightlife

El Deck was born in 1999 in order to merge good music, food and drink in a space designed for those with exigent tastes, who could not find a suitable place for fun in Medellin.

It is a place marked by the design, color and good taste. Its menu includes gourmet fast food, which is prepared once the customers order it. Pizza and beef tenderloin are among the recommended specialties by the house.

El Deck is also a place to share drinks: visitors have the opportunity to indulge themselves with some delicious cocktails like Candy Deck or Voodoo. Drinks care served with some snacks like “The Deck nachos”, an original recipe.

El Deck has a very retro style, cosmopolitan décor that stands in his black and white floor, its red and white seats, plus a number of mirrors and electronic game consoles.

This bar is divided into two spaces. Upon entering, visitors will find a lounge with visibility to the Dj playing live. And in the rear, a patio decorated with a mango tree, sofas and a bar.

El Deck address is Carrera 40 # 10 – 34 EL Poblado
Phone: 311 31 26

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  2. Brilliant post. Thanks for posting and sharing about Medellin nightlife. I always go out with my friends on weekends and we like to hit different bars every night.

    Kevin Eckhart May 3, 2013 at 2:05 am
  3. Thank you a lot for sharing this. Probably the best American bar in South America, dude.

    Kent Hirsh July 12, 2013 at 8:17 pm

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