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Things to do outside Medellin

You…You the visitor looking for it all…You’ve come to the vibrant beautiful Colombia. Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin…You love what the city life has to offer. Yet you seek solitude and fresh air that only natural areas out of the city can provide. No one can take away your search for the unknown. I’m talking about wildlife, untamed rivers, and the peace only distant views provide. It’s all within reach, now.

Colombia’s Mystique

Do you love the unknown? Mystique? Adventure? If you answer yes to the above questions, then I invite you. Join me as we trek rivers, cultural landmarks, majestic mountain views and coves where waterfalls dive into sandy tides. Medellin, it’s pueblos and the beauty outside of the valley walls are where we first set our explorations. Yes there is more to see than the inside of a crowded bar or disco!

 Guatape -


piedra de peñol

Outside The Norm

There are many adventures within two to three hours of Medellin. Santa Fe de Antioquia and Guatape are some of the better known spots…but I’m talking about places outside the norm. Places where you have only heard of or not even heard of. There are dozens of pueblos inside this verdant landscape. When Colombians go away for the day or weekend, they call it puebliar. This phrase signifies when you go from town to town and feel, taste, and even dance the culture into your bloodstream. Life! Some towns that you should take into consideration on your next adventure tour include Yarumal, Andes, Armenia, Betania, La Pintada, Jardin, Jerico, Santa Barbara, San Carlos, San Rafael, among others.

Plan Your Day Trip

As mentioned above there are a multitude of paradise like spots to spend the day or even a week outside the city and throughout Colombia. Day Trips Medellin is only concerned with new experiences, ones you can’t get with just any Medellin tour. Plan your day trip with our weekly excursions or if you’re in need of a week long getaway through winding mountains and sultry valleys of exotic fruits, plan a multi-day journey through all towns or sites that you wish to see or let us plan an action packed adventure for you. Besides the natural beauty that you will see we can plan an adventure tour for your party that includes rappelling waterfalls, bungee jumping, river kayaking, paragliding, horse back riding, and even tours of coffee fincas.  The itinerary is only as limited as your imagination. We’re ready…are you?

Free your mind and leave the details to us! We are the eco-tour showing you a different side of secret Colombia. Day Trips Medellin. Join us every week for the next upcoming outing! Or feel free to inquire as to where to go. We are always seeking the unknown. Modern exploration is what we do.  

Day Trips Medellin

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Plan your next trip and let’s hit the trail.

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