A Day At My Favorite Medellin Mall


Santa Fe Mall is my favorite mall in all of Medellin.  For me it is more than just another Medellin mall, it is a sanctuary.  Maybe it’s because I am from the United States but the style and layout of this mall appeals to me in every way.  It is a huge modern mall that could rival most of the malls in Europe and the US.  It has a retracting ceiling and an enormous open area where all sorts of exhibits are displayed.

A typical day at Santa Fe mall depends on whether I am alone or with a friend.  When I am alone I love to walk through the open area first exploring whatever new display is there.  Some of these displays are interactive and many are for children.  Santa Fe is one Medellin mall that spares no expense on decorations and attractions.  No matter what the season, you can count on this mall to have the best decor in the city.


I am also a big fan of the food area in Santa Fe mall.  Although the restaurants are a bit more expensive than your typical Medellin restaurant, there are many to choose from and the food is good.  There is everything from Chinese to Typical Colombian cuisine.  For the North American, you have Subway, KFC, and an array of burger restaurants to delight.  This food area has a great seating area and balcony seating overlooking this beautiful part of Poblado  Sometimes I will just grab a salad and waste the afternoon daydreaming.


My absolute favorite area in Santa Fe Mall is the Cinemas.  These are possibly the most modern theaters I have ever seen.  For about 9 dollars you can have the most spacious leather chair for your viewing pleasure.  One of the most surprising things about these cinemas is the fact is unlike most US theaters, you can eat meals in your seat.  Hot dogs, nachos or an Colombian specialty are all available here.  The one down side for me is, although you will be walked to your seat, all are reserved, there is not much monitoring during the movie.  Despite strict warnings, too many people are texting during the movies with the phone’s light as a constant distraction.

medellinvida.comSantaFE.bbI have had many wonderful times at the Santa Fe mall and plan to have many more in the future.  It is my spot in Medellin where I feel the most at home and the most secure.  It has amazing security and I have experienced even a small incident in this mall.

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