Cosechas: The Healthy Drink Your body needs!

Natural Drinks Throughout

Another warm day in Medellin and what better way to refresh yourself than a natural drink made of fruits and vegetables? One, which in addition to quenching your thirst, also helps your body feel better.  Cosechas “experts in drinks,” brought their innovative drink idea to Colombia for those people who like eating and drinking healthy.  Their idea is to provide the most flavorful variety of fruit and vegetable drinks anywhere, with all natural ingredients. If you are working out and need some extra energy, one of Cosechas’ drinks could be the perfect choice.   It’s also the right drink to go with any meal or maybe just for a healthy snack.

Feel like a Smoothie Instead

With several drink options, smoothies are one of the best. Their benefits are countless: it is reported they can boost your mental performance, strengthen heart and bones, reduce cholesterol, relieve headaches and more.  They are also easy to digest and contain large amount of nutrients. Cosechas describes themselves as a company that cares about you, the customer, and because they do, their products are completely natural.  Cosechas’ smoothies are known for their unique flavor mix and their helpful properties. If you are simply trying to satisfy your thirst you might like to try some of the soft fruit shakes, like the watermelon, strawberry and lemon mix; or perhaps the mango, strawberry and pineapple shake.  However, if you’re craving something entirely different, you might want to try the protein smoothie (orange, banana and soy protein), the antioxidant shake (vinegar, cabbage, Apple, broccoli, pineapple and tomato) or the pure energy mix (spinach, pineapple, beetroot and banana).  The options vary depending on what you are in the mood for at the time.

Delicious Salads

The fruit salads are also a large part of the menu. Fruits like strawberry, kiwi and apple can be mixed with vanilla yogurt or ice cream and also with granola in a small or large cup. Cosechas’ products also includes bottled water; which is a good drink option for those who are looking for something besides smoothies.

Locations, Locations, Locations

Cosechas’ stores are small by design, where most people buy products to drink and carry around and the packaging is specifically designed for this purpose. The cups come sealed to avoid spilling.
This Company founded in Costa Rica offers its healthy products in several countries besides Colombia; Panamá and Mexico are some. Cosechas has more than 20 stores throughout Medellin. If you are in Poblado you might find a store in Milla de Oro mall, close to Bancolombia on 10th street and also near Poblado Park on the same street. Obelisco mall and Premium Plaza mall are other places where you can find Cosechas. You can see a full list of there stores here.
The next time you visit a Cosechas, let yourself be surprised by the new flavors you will try.

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