Colombian Food: Empanadas

The empanadas are one of the most known and spread Colombian food. They are snacks usually eaten when having some drinks or they can be consumed as a light meal in the middle of the afternoon.

Empanadas are a traditional snacks prepared in many countries around the world. What makes the Colombian empanadas unique and different from any other is that their made with a yellow corn dough instead of wheat flour.

Colombian Food: Empanada Antioquena

Colombian Food: Empanada Antioquena

Colombian empanadas can be stuffed with ground meat, shredded chicken meat, rice, mashed potatoes, a combination of some of those, or even some innovative and exotic contents like beans, chicharron or blood sausage.

The most traditional empanadas from Antioquia are stuffed with a soft dough made of yellow potatoes, shredded meat, cilantro, salt and onion. They are served in many occasions, basically whenever there is a family or friends gathering around some drinks or beverages. Empanadas will be found at every corner on the weekends and they can be sold as a way to collect funds for charities, events or to help the church. Due to the easiness in their making, empanadas are the most demanded treat one can find anywhere in the city.

Colombian Food: Empanada Antioquena

Empanada Antioquena

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