Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is famous worldwide for being soft and rich in aroma. Coffee has been a way to highlight the good things that happen in Colombia. Probably each person that enjoys having a cup of hot coffee has heard or read about Colombian coffee and has had the curiosity for knowing a little bit more about this wonderful country.

Colombian food: Colombian Coffee

Colombian food: Colombian Coffee

What most of the people don’t know anything about is how the coffee is produced and what it means to hundreds of families that make a living out of this delicious drink.

Colombia is a country with a variety of climates, but the best coffee is grown where the average temperatures are between 62 and 72 Fahrenheit degrees, and in places with a lot of sunshine combined with some special amount of rain. Fortunately Colombia has not big temperature changes through the year, so there are two harvest seasons, one in March and the other in September.

Coffee is one of the most important economical activities in Colombia’s agriculture. Its production is the only source of income for thousands of Colombian farmers.

Some controversy is associated with coffee cultivation and its impact on the environment. Consequently, organic coffee is an expanding market, and some farms that have implemented certified organic production methods have very attractive contracts, selling their beans up to ten times the price of normal coffee beans.

Even though Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world, Colombians drink a lot less coffee than people from North America or Europe. The typical cup size is 3 to 4 oz. (around 100 ml) and they serve it black, a bit sweet and very hot.

One of the most important companies promoting the consumption of Colombian coffee is the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros (Coffee growers Association), that is the owner of the image and brand of Juan Valdez and his mule.

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