Biggest Misconceptions About Colombian Food

Is It All The Same

I have heard that most people from other countries, believe that all Latin American food is the same. They think that all you can find here are beans and corn. It is a widespread stereotype, equal to the belief that in China they only eat rice, only pasta in Italy or just burgers in the United States.

Colombian food, and much more that of Antioquia, has a huge influence of Spanish cuisine. Chorizo ​​sausages, hams and other meats, rices, cheeses and wines, are examples of dishes brought from Spain and merged with Aboriginal food to create what today is known as typical Colombian food.

Today it is possible to find a number of restaurants offering very good international food in Medellin. From the widespread Chinese restaurants, to even Lebanese exotic food places, for example. The gastronomy offer in the city is amazing.

What causes more attention to foreign tourists is the amount of traditional restaurants in the region. Something they do not know when they come to Medellín is that the average citizen has a big rooting for food and local customs, as the Antioch is proud of the cultural and culinary heritage left from both, Iberians and Native Americans, in a unique blend of flavors and textures.

To the disappointment of many tourists, Colombian food is not as spicy as the famous Mexican recipes. Those hoping to find the strong flavors of the Aztec country in Colombia will find that the food is soft but it is much more varied, as the country is mostly very agricultural.

As a tourist you can find food that can be exotic and striking to your palate, or if you want the kind of breakfast or lunch you’re used to, you’ll find it in Medellin as well. Just be prepared to enjoy.

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