About Me, About Us

This is my first entry for our blog.
Our team intentions with the website you’re visiting, medellinvida, is to provide you with the best and most accurate information about this city we live in, and love.

A bit about myself: I was born in this wonderful Colombia, some decades ago. I’ve travelled a little around and had the opportunity not only to visit and sightseeing (as many travellers do) some countries, but also I lived for years abroad, getting to know very well some other cultures and lifestyles, studying and working among people from all around the world. Of course I’m not saying I’m an expert in any of the aspects we cover with our posts, but I’ll try to give my personal impression about the things I see around.

It would be fantastic if some of you, followers of our site, have some fun or get to learn something from what we write here with our humble opinions.



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