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Colombian food: Colombian Coffee

Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is famous worldwide for being soft and rich in aroma. Coffee has been a way to highlight the good things that happen in Colombia. Probably each person that enjoys having a cup of hot coffee has heard or read about Colombian …
Colombia Wins -

Colombia Wins Again

Colombia es Perfecto Colombia continued it’s dominance in the World Cup today with a 2-0 win over Uruguay. The Colombians looked confident from the opening and after two goals there was no doubt. James Once again James Rodriquez was the man of …
Things to do in Medellin: Ciudad del Rio Linear Park

Ciudad del Rio Linear Park

Ciudad del Rio Linear Park is an ideal place to relax, unwind and get away from the routine of the city. With spaces for sport, culture and sound dispersion, this linear park is a favorite for city dwellers. A picnic is a …