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Welcome to, your ultimate virtual travel guide for Medellin, Colombia. It is our goal to bring you comprehensive traveling information to ensure you have the most amazing time possible during your visit to this beautiful city.

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Our site is a guide to the best things to do in Medellin. We advise you which Medellin restaurant offers your favorite cuisine, with our complete Medellin Restaurant Directory. You can explore the nightlife by searching our Medellin Nightlife Directory complete with full descriptions including maps and photos. If shopping is your thing, you will find our guide to each Medellin Mall, complete with photos, maps and some videos too. Medellin has some beautiful malls that rival those you would find in the United States and Europe.


There is something for everyone in Medellin. If you want to bungee jump, maybe go parasailing or possibly parachute for the first time and much more, we can assist you in finding the best Extreme Sports experience anywhere in the world and for a great price. Medellin really does have it all. We’ll provide you with the information and the rest is up to you. If there is any information about Medellin that you would like to know and don’t see on our site, please ask and we will be happy to research it for you.

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